2017's 4 million ton feed industry of our country, which expands @ min. 5% per year needs a wide range of phosphates, amino acids, animal proteins, vegetable proteins etc which are mostly imported involving millions of dollars. We work as agent/ distributor of highly reputed manufacturers form Europe, USA, South America, Newzeland, Australia etc to help buyers get right products at very competitive prices.

Product Name Ingredients Origin Function Pack Size
DL-Methionine DL-Methionine Australia/China Nutrition 25KG
MCP mini/granular 0.4-1.25/0.4-1.8mm Spain Phosphate 25KG
MCP fine granular 0.4mm free flowing Spain Phosphate 25 KG
MBM -50% (Swine free) MBM -50% Europe Nutrition 50 KG
MBM -50%Bovine MBM -50%Bovine S.America/ Newzeland Nutrition 50 KG
Fish Meal 60% Fish Meal 60% Oman/ Australia Nutrition 50 KG
Poultry Meal 60% Poultry Meal 60% KSA/Turkey/S.America Nutrition 50 KG
DDGS/CGM DDGS- 35%/ CGM- 60% USA Nutrition 50 KG